I. deal deal 1 [diːl] verb dealt PTandPP [delt] FINANCE COMMERCE
deal in something phrasal verb [transitive]
if a person or company deals in a particular type of product, they buy and sell it as their business:

• traders dealing in futures

• The shop deals in high-quality antiques.

deal with somebody/​something phrasal verb [transitive]
1. to do business with a person or company or to have a business connection with them:

• I've dealt with their company for a long time.

2. to have a particular job or function in an organization:

• The banking department deals with all the other banking business.

• insurance assessors who deal with accident claims

  [m0] II. deal deal 2 noun [countable]
1. FINANCE COMMERCE an agreement or arrangement, especially one that involves the sale of something:

• The supermarket has just signed a deal with a group of dairy farmers to supply all their milk.

ˈbought deal
FINANCE a deal in which a company sells some of its own shares, or shares it owns in other companies, to a financial institution for a fixed amount. The financial institution then resells them to investors
ˈcash deal FINANCE
when shares etc that are bought on a financial market are paid for with money, rather than with other investments; = cash settlement
ˌfair ˈdeal
an arrangement or agreement between two or more people that is reasonable and treats all the people involved equally:

• To get a fair deal you need to be fully aware of your legal entitlements.

ˈpackage deal COMMERCE
an offer or agreement that includes several things that must all be accepted together:

• The cable provider is to sign up five global advertisers for the package deal.

2. an offer of a product at a lower price than usual, available only for a limited time:

• There are some good deals on mortgages around at the moment.

* * *

deal UK US /diːl/ noun [C]
an agreement or arrangement made between two people or companies: do/make a deal »

A spokeswoman for the agency said they would not give any further information until they are close to making a deal.

cut/strike a deal »

After several weeks of talks no deal has been struck.

close/seal a deal »

They anticipate closing the deal in 60 to 90 days, pending environmental and financial reviews.

back out of/pull out of a deal »

He suspected them of trying to back out of the deal.


Green only goes into business deals if he can see a way of turning a problem into a profit.


The President's team has been very active in pushing trade deals.


We did a great deal with our suppliers.


The proposed deal between the two companies had fallen through.

a £20 million/$14bn, etc. deal »

Stannard bought the company in a £20 million deal.

a deal to do sth »

This week the company concluded a deal to sell 313 of its stores.

See Note AGREEMENT(Cf. ↑agreement)
a good, or lower than usual, price: a good/excellent, etc. deal »

I got a good deal on my new phone contract.

a deal on sth »

The hotel also offers deals on the hire of bicycles.

a done deal — Cf. a done deal

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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